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The Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

03 Aprile 2014

Head Office: Palace of Culture- via Umberto I - Latina

Founded in 1937 as the Art Gallery of Lictorian with works donated to institutions and artists invited to the Venice Biennale and the XX II Rome Quadrennial, the collection was largely dispersed as a result of the war from 8 September 1943.
On the occasion of the 62nd Natale in the city of Latina, December 18, 1994, the remaining works and those recovered by the Carabinieri were permanently exposed, in a temporary but useful to a refounded enjoyment.
Since 1996 he has started a project acquisitions through additional donations, groped for a shift, filling the large voids that had caused the dispersion and dilating the chronological boundary of the original nucleus, to establish a continuity in the necessary connection with the reality of contemporary art. It was not an easy project, nor obviously final and unidirectional, but the response of the artists, their heirs and citizens was prepared and allowed to enrich the gallery of more than 400 works, which testify to the main currents of I and World War II (Acerbo, Cammarano, Capatti, Cisterna, Checchi, Colonna, Caruso, D'Angelo, Drei, Fettucciari, Forlani, Gallucci, Gamero, Gelli, Giuliani, Guberti, Marcucci, Marandolani, Martinuzzi, Martinez, Mazzei, Micheledixit, Mei Mirabella, Nenci, Pellitteri, Pieraccini, Pincherle, Pinto, Prencipe, Rivaroli, Torresini, Karuz, Ziliotto).
The Gallery is hosted in seven rooms of the Palace of Culture and collects works of art that allow a path of Italian art between the wars, emphasizing the thirties.
In 1999 was established a cross-section of contemporary art, characterized by fine arts, applied arts, photography and installations with works from 1955 to the present, representing the latest artistic trends (to be works of Attardi, Benetton, Biancini, Calabria, Cantatore, Cappellini, Cesetti; Dova, Fiume, Fontanella, Monachesi, Montanarini, Purificato, Quaglia, Sassu Sciltian, Treccani), a core representative of the creativity of contemporary artists pontine is forming around the works of Bertoncin and Saltarin.
To report: the Annunciation of P.Rizzo (pictured) and D.Stultus, families and B.Saetti P.Conti, the works of pointillism and P.Nomellini E.Ferrari, those chiariste of F.De Rocchi C.Cagli, metaphysicians A.Modotto, A.Nathan, G.Peri, landscapers and A.Vertunni A.Tosi and the core of the sculptures of L.Gelli Novecento, F.Wildt, M.Fioroni, R. Castagnino, G.Galletti, M.Marini.