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House of the Martyrdom of St. Maria Goretti

03 Aprile 2014


Borgo Le Ferriere - via Nettunense
tel. 0773.458056

Father Mariano Pagliaro, cp
Timetable of holy masses:
Wintry weekday: 17:00 pm
Wintry holyday: 7:30-10:00 am
Summer weekday: 18:00 pm
Summer holyday: 7:30-10:00 am


Maria Goretti, the third of seven children, was born in Corinth, in the province of Ancona, October 16, 1890, by Luigi Goretti and Assunta Carlini.
Towards the end of 1896 they moved to Paliano, in the province of Frosinone, settling in Colle Gianturco.
Remained there about three years. At first they worked on their own, and then, during the third year, they joined in company with Giovanni Serenelli, who had two sons: Gaspare, who soon parted, and Alessandro.
In February 1900, Goretti and Serenelli move together to Ferriere di Conca, about eleven miles from Neptune.
The climate of the Pontine, then unhealthy, broke in a few months the fiber robust patriarch Luigi Goretti, who, after suffering from malaria and typhoid, meningitis and pneumonia, died June 6, 1900.
The unfortunate widow, fearing that the country of origin could not in any way earn enough for the sustenance of his six children (the first of which had died just eight months old), she decided, reluctantly, to stay in Ferriere and to working in partnership with the Serenelli.
Maria, sensitive and loving heart was torn apart by the death of his father, but with more than filial tenderness and profound Christian is called to comfort the grief-stricken mother.
The sensible girl at the time of the loss of his father had not yet made his First Communion, even though he had about ten years, he had nevertheless expressed the strong desire and the Mother, taken from work and always short of money, postponed to better times.
Tell occasionally took place between the two dialogues like this:
"Mom, when I make my First Communion? ... I want to receive Jesus"
"My heart, as you can do it, if you do not know the doctrine? And then there is no money for the dress, and there is not a minute of free time."
"But I do not do so ever. I do not want to be without Jesus"
"My daughter, who teaches you the doctrine?"
"God will provide."
Finally, June 16, 1901 Maria Goretti received Communion for the first time at the hands of Father Basil Addolorata's, Passionist, that since 1899, on behalf of the St. Head office exercised spiritual assistance in the Pontine Marshes.
The beauty of Mary, as far as defense and jealously hidden, did not escape the eyes of Alexander Serenellis, eight years older than her, who already had heart failure due to bad company and readings full of shocking facts. He began to nurture a deep affection for the girl, which is not controlled degenerated into a blind, morbid and uncontrollable passion.
In early June 1902, the young man did to Mary proposals insane. She, horrified, rejected them and fled in tears.
Confused and irritated by the resistance of the innocent girl, settled in his heart that the third time, if he had listened, he would have killed her. And with cold premeditation he prepared a 24 cm long drift.
From that moment his life became a nightmare for Mary. Alexander treated her harshly, scolded her for every trifle and the overrunning of work. She, for her part, avoided meeting him, obeyed in silence, and it was recommended to the Madonna incessantly, often clutching in his hand the crown. Several times during that month and also on the eve of the terrible tragedy, he repeated to her mother: "Mom, please, do not leave me alone."
But the poor mother unfortunately was not able to accept the terror that lurked behind those words, and Mary, alone and helpless, he went to his martyrdom.
On July 5, 1902 Alexander Serenellis later confessed, in the murder of Mary:
" I took her by the arm and almost brutally, as did resistance, dragged her into the kitchen, which was the first room where you entered, and closed with a kick, its front door latch with only horizontal, applied within .
She realized immediately that I wanted to repeat the attack of the two previous times and told me: "No, no, God does not want it. If you do this go to hell."
I then saw that he was determined to acquiesce to the brutal my cravings, I went on a rampage and took the punch, I began to hit her on the belly, as it crushes the corn ... The moment that vibravo shots, not just squirming to defend themselves, but repeatedly invoked the name of his mother and cried, "God, God, I am dying, Mom, Mom." I remember seeing blood on his clothes and leaving her while she writhed again. I understood that I had mortally wounded. I threw the weapon behind the caisson and I retired to my room. I locked myself in and threw myself on the bed. "
Later, at the hospital, doctors found fourteen wounds on the body of poor Mary, who still survive another twenty-four hours.
The Serenellis is translated by the Carabinieri barracks of Neptune. Mary was transported by ambulance to the hospital Fatebenefratelli of the same city, the doctors despaired of saving the girl, but decided to operandola groped.
When done, is granted to the mother to approach her.
"As soon as I saw - then report Mamma Assunta - expressive accent called me" Mom. "I, approaching his bed, I asked her how she was and she replied," Well, Mom. "Then he wanted news of her younger brothers and sisters and I wondered if I'd remained with her the night. having them answered that the doctor would not allow it, I said, "And where do you go to sleep?." I assured her. later he asked me: "Mom, give me a drop of water ? ". told her that the doctor had forbidden it, and she resigned herself for twenty hours suffered the horrible agony of thirst. I left it was almost midnight ... in the morning, before the time, I was able to get to the hospital and saw her, and asked her how she was.
With voice more feeble than in the previous evening he told me that he was fine. He asked me where I had also spent the night. Several times in the day I asked the brothers, who wished to revise it. "
Mary kissing the crucifix and several times the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The priest of Neptune, Bishop Themistocle Signori, note a significant deterioration in her and thinks to administer Viaticum. To arrange it, he speaks of forgiveness granted by Jesus to his executioners. Then the question: "Mary, you want to forgive you also your slayer?". She promptly replied: "Yes, for the love of Jesus I forgive him and I want to be with me in paradise."
The condition of the girl quickly worsen by the hour, and for the bleeding suffered, and for septic peritonitis produced by wounds to the abdomen, and often falls into delirium.
You see sometimes under the threat of the dagger and shouting: "What are you doing, Alessandro? You go to hell.'s Sin is sin." Sometimes, instead we believe lying on the floor and pleads: "Take me to bed, I want to stay closer to the Madonna," alluding to the beloved image, which keeps hanging on his bedside. In a moment of lucidity prays: "Mom, Dad."
The ordeal of Maria Goretti ceases at 15.45 on 6 July 1902.
On April 27, 1947, Maria Goretti, with dispensation from wonders, was solemnly beatified in St. Peter's in Rome by His Holiness Pius XII.
On June 24, 1950, under the Pope himself, his solemn Canonization took place.