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‘The History of the City’

The land reclamation

A work by Titan to rid an area of about 134 thousand hectares by the water putrid and stagnant. Flows of settlers arrived from the Veneto, Friuli and Emilia Romagna. In the mammoth work were undertaken 18 major pumping stations, and over three thousand houses were built. Until the early Twenties the swamp reigned supreme, crossed by cowherds in the area between Cisterna and Terracina, where the sites were identified by lugubrious names: Pantano dell' Inferno (Slough of Hell); Pantano della...

The plan of the city

The draft of Littoria is redacted almost secretly by the Architect Frezzotti, with the help of technical information by the engineer Savoia. The nucleus of the settlement, the town hall and the ancillary services was particularly modest, the overall spirit is similar to the one that characterized the nineteenth -century villages, almost by the Architectural books. Then came the appropriation of Mussolini, the international success and the complicity of some powers,increasing the size of the...

The first reclamations.

The first attempt to make livable the area of the Pontine plain was made by Volsci who dug the canal of Rio Martino. Even one of the most brilliant minds in human history worked on reclamation: Leonardo Da Vinci In southern Lazio, the swamp covered a large area, separated from the immediate south of Cisterna to the gates of Terracina. Since the fall of Volsci, were tempted remedies against the swamp, but they had the defect of being partial, solving the problem in a limited territorial zone....
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